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Speedie Auto Electrics and Mechanical Repairs scheduled maintenance will keep your car running longer and stronger. From belts to batteries, brake jobs to wheel alignment, exhaust to air conditioning, suspension systems to filters. Regular visits to Speedie Auto Electrics and Mechanical Repairs will help prevent costly repairs to your car, van, light truck or SUV.

Auto Electric Services

We specialise in auto electrics (alternators, starters, lighting & accessories) and auto electronics (body electronics such as cruise & traction control). With an accumulated wealth of technical knowledge and expertise, and a long track record in the industry, we can solve just about any technical problem.

Using the Ultrascan multifunctional tool we can diagnose electronic faults of all car makes & models, including; Australian, European, American, Japanese & Korean

  Speedie Auto Ekectrical yor electronic diagnostic centre

As an authorised agent for Bosch Australia we have access to the latest technical information and high quality electrical components.

Did you know, over 50% of all roadside vehicle breakdowns are electronically related faults? For peace of mind, call in & mention this website & we will do a Free 6-Point Safety Electrical Check, including; ignition, alternator, stater motor, fanbelt, battery & electrical connection checks.

Electric Components
Alternators, Starter Motors, Ignition Modules

We supply & fit a range of genuine & reconditioned alternators, starter motors and ignitions to suit a wide range of vehicles (cars, 4WD, utility and trucks) both Australian built and imported.

Bosch are highly regarded for their innovative and leading design and quality manufacture, that is why we recommend & supply Bosch electric components For quality assurance all Bosch products carry a National Warranty

We also supply & fit electric components for Mitsubishi, Nissian & Daewoo models.

We offer reconditioning service of original components at competitive prices. All services come with 12-month workmanship warranty.

Automobile Batteries
We supply & fit a range of reliable, high-performance, low maintenance batteries that are perfectly matched to any type of vehicle.

We recommend Bosch batteries because they are especially built to handle the tough Australian conditions. Featuring high vibration and cycle resistance, Bosch batteries give you maximum convenience and trouble-free battery operation and are available in either a Gold, Silver or Bronze rating. The Bosch 4 x 4 battery is specially designed to take the rough and tumble of 4 wheel driving.


Speedie Auto Electrics your Bosch Battery Agent

For further information on Bosch products & accessories, including: brake pads, ignition modules, engine management products, lighting, spark plugs & wiper blades please visit Bosch Products

Automotive Air-Conditioning
Vehicle air conditioning is an absolute necessity in the Australian climate.
Speedie auto Electrics are licensed Automotive Air-conditioning Specialists with over 15 years experience.

We offer air-conditioning re-gas, repair & conversion for all vehicle makes and models at highly competitive prices. We repair or supply and fit compressors, condensers, receiver driers (a.k.a accumulators) and TX valves for a wide range of vehicle makes and models.

Air-Conditioning Conversion
In 1989, the Australian Government restricted the use of refrigerant R12 under the Ozone Protection Act, thus requiring replacement of the use of R12 with the environmentally friendly R134a gas. Recent legislative changes have broadened the original ozone depletion protection (ODP) to cover synthetic greenhouse gases including Fluorocarbon (HFCs) refrigerants such as R134a. Because R134a is a restricted substance under the new Commonwealth legislation only trained, licensed technicians can purchase, handle and sell it.

We strongly recommend R12 to R134a conversion (retro-fitting) for older vehicles conditioned to use the R12 gas, as R12 gas is no longer available to consumers.

Speedie Auto Electrics has the necessary licenses, technical expertise and equipment to handle restricted refrigerants. Speedie quickly and efficiently diagnose faulty or leaky air-conditioning systems to minimise environmental effects. We routinely use Fluoro-Chek glo dye in R134a gas to detect leaks and protect the environment.

We also supply Solpower SP-Auto, the latest improvement in automotive airconditioning gases. SP-Auto contains the standard R134a, UV leak detector dye and additional performance enhancements that allow the gas to last longer and cool your car faster; ideal for high ambient temperature environments. SP-Auto is compatible with all air-con systems conditioned to use R134a.

We recommend that at anytime any part of the air-conditioning system is changed or serviced, the receiver-drier or accumulator should be replaced too to prevent corrosion and moisture in the aircon system (moisture combines with the refrigerant to form hydrochloric acid which is extremely corrosive to metal components and can damage other parts of the system).

So trust the guys at Speedie to check & re-gas your air-conditioning unit & stay cool every summer without adversely affecting the environment.

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