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Why Trust Us With Your Car Accessories Needs?

At Speedie Auto Electrics, we are confident our car accessories will perform to superior standards with installation alignment that is precise and gapless. Our workmanship comes with the added assurance and benefit of product safety, warranty and resale value difference.

We Supply And Install The Following Vehicle Accessories For All Vehicle Types:

  • Hands-Free Mobile Phone Kits
  • Lighting: Beam, Fog, Reversing, Signal and other Lamps (supplied by Hella)
  • Alarms systems and immobolisers (killer centary)
  • DVD/ MP3/ CD Players, Speakers & Amplifiers
  • Bosch ParkPilot Reversing Systems
  • Reversing and Rear Vision Systems with Cameras, LCD Colour Monitors and Senors)
  • Alcohol Interlock Systems: a device to prevent a driver from starting a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Operating as an agent for 'Guardian Interlock Systems Australasia' and the RTA we are specifically trained to install, inspect, monitor and maintain 'Guardian WR2 Interlock Devices' and 'Life Saver' units.
    For Further details go to Guardian Interlocks


If you wish to purchase a car accessory independently we will be happy to install it according to the manufacturer's instructions.


Bosch Park Pilot Reversing System

ParkPilot from Bosch can become your sixth sense, the next time you reverse park you can prevent costly damage to your car by installing the system on your vehicle.

Damage to your car's bumper from parking mishaps can run into thousands of dollars. The ParkPilot by Bosch is designed to make parking easy and avoid unnecessary damage to your vehicle.

Using four sensors mounted discreetly in your bumper, ParkPilot senses obstacles behind the vehicle. As you reverse, a display unit fitted inside the vehicle, provides audible and visual displays- the closer you get, the louder the warning. The system reliably detects fences, other vehicles, high kerbs - even bikes in the driveway.

When your vehicle is engaged in reverse, the Park Pilot System activates to help during parking or reverse driving situations. Four ultrasound sensors discreetly integrated into the rear bumper cause a buzzer to sound and an LED display to light, warning the driver or rear obstacles. The system is completely compatible with PT Cruiser electrical and towing systems.

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