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Speedie Auto Electrics & Mechanical Repairs
(02) 9663 2701

At Speedie Auto, we are experts in all aspects of mechanical servicing and repairs. From brakes to gearboxes and clutch, you can trust our experienced team to take on any job big or small. Part of the Bosch Car Service Network since 1975, our skilled team are ready to take on the challenge.

We can look after your logbook servicing as well as all aspects of mechanical repairs, air conditioning and more.

Don’t hesitate to call us on (02) 9663 2701 or use our online booking form to request an appointment.


Brakes are essential to your safety & that of your family. We only use quality brake components as your safety is worth the investment.

Exhaust Systems

Well maintained exhaust systems will result in safer & more economical motoring.


The alternator generates electricity to keeps your electronics operating & battery charged. We offer
a full range of exchange alternators & other auto electrical components like starter motors.

Radiators & Cooling Systems

The engine cooling system needs to be maintained for longer engine life & reliable motoring. Regular
radiator & coolant condition checks & cooling system flushing is a must.

Tune Ups

When your car is tuned properly you will get better fuel economy & have a vehicle that is more

Gearbox & Differentials

Vehicle gearboxes & differentials need scheduled maintenance; we also offer a repair or replacement
service to get you back on the road sooner.

Water Pumps

Your engines water pump circulates engine coolant from the radiator through the engine and then back
again it is the heart of your car’s or 4WD’s cooling system.

Timing Belts

It is critical that your timing belt be replaced as recommended by the manufacturer, if it breaks, your
engine will stop & can cause very expensive damage.

Engine Diagnostics

Computers in cars today help them be more fuel efficient & safer to drive. We have the latest
diagnostic scan tools to keep you motoring.

Clutch  Replacement

The clutch enables smoother gear changes & enables the engines power to be delivered to the wheels
via the driveline components, gearbox, drive shafts, differential & axles.

Automatic Transmissions

Automatic transmission needs to be serviced regularly as it is an expensive component to repair or replace.

Engine Management

We have the latest engine diagnostic & tuning equipment to test electronic circuits & components
found in most models of cars, SUVs & 4WDs.

Mechanical Repairs

We have the mechanical knowledge & experience to help you keep your car running reliably while
keeping the costs of servicing & repairs to a minimum.