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We are still open during these uncertain times and have put in place extra cleaning processes to ensure we do our best to keep our staff and our customers safe.

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Firstly, we are an approved Guardian Interlock service centre, we can provide installations, servicing and removal of devices. In addition, the team at Speedie Auto can handle all Guardian Interlock servicing requests with professionalism and in accordance with the state regulations.

Alcohol Interlock Systems:

A device to prevent a driver from starting a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and reports any attempted breaches to Guardian and the relevant state authority.

Operating as an agent for ‘Guardian Interlock Systems Australasia’ and the RTA we are specifically trained to install, inspect, monitor and maintain ‘Guardian WR2 Interlock Devices’ and ‘Life Saver’ units.

In addition, each state or territory has its own ignition interlock program, so the rules, regulations and procedures vary from state to state. For more specific information, please see the Guardian Interlock website.

Finally, contact us below if you have any questions. Alternatively, you can call us on (02) 9663 2701. Or you can book an appointment with our team by using our online booking form.

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Speedie Auto Electrics & Mechanical Repairs
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(02) 9663 2701

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