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Speedie Auto Electrics & Mechanical Repairs
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With the number of electronics systems in today’s vehicles increasing so rapidly, workshops now need a multifunctional tester, not just an ECU diagnostics unit, to avoid having to refer work to a third party.

If we consider that the most important tool in your workshop is information, then the key to profitability is being able to access it easier, faster and in more detail. That’s where the new Bosch KTS 340 diagnostic tool becomes the tool you can’t live without.

Compact, comprehensive and mobile, the Bosch KTS 340 is the latest addition to the KTS series of diagnostic testers, designed specifically for mobile use. The KTS 340 enables the workshop to have everything needed for diagnosis, troubleshooting, maintenance and service, simply at the touch of a button.

In developing the KTS 340 Bosch have also modified the ESI[tronic] software, making it much easier to use. All the information software required for troubleshooting, maintenance and service work is incorporated in the device, making it instantly available. An integrated two-channel multimeter enables comprehensive resistance, diode, voltage and current measurements. CAS[plus], included in the ESI[tronic] software, links the fault-finding instructions to the diagnostics, guiding the mechanic through test steps and providing all the fault information and diagnostics functions needed for repair.

A new Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) is also included in the KTS 340 package, to supplement the SIS-Instructions (Service Information Systems), providing rapid access to common vehicle faults and a clear description of the cause of the problem and validated repair tips and/or solutions. All these steps are supported by diagrams, making every step even simpler to follow.

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Speedie Auto Electrics & Mechanical Repairs
in Kingsford, NSW
(02) 9663 2701

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